what is the difference between classified plugin and marketpress plugin.

i would like to have a comparaison between classified and marketpress. i chose marketpress cause of and etsy look with different store owners on the network. but marketpress doesnt give you the option of using the front end like classified does. i want to know what classified can do and marketpress cant. beside the front end access

  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hi there @jacques

    I mean they are designed with different purposes and user groups in mind. Sure they'll be some overlaps but that does not imply anything.

    Classifields is meant for users to add posts ( products in MP ) and can do little else MarketPress is designed on the other hand is designed where a Store admin(s) can manage the store and users can purchase items. MP has much more and better workflow and gateway support. It also has shipping options and extensive theme and addons in the community

    Both have a lot in common which you are already aware of


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