What is the difference between domain mapping and a redirect in beginners terms.

This is why I signed up for premium support, to get me through these simple details.

While the installation of domain mapping seems to be well documented, a beginner like me needs to know a little more about how the domain mapping plugin is used, so I can obtain the desired outcome. Some basic 101 level introduction.


1) I own myrootsite.com and a second site called secondsite.com.

2) I created a new site with multisite called secondsite2, which shows in the browser as myrootsite.com/secondsite2.

3) I redirected secondsite.com to myrootsite.com, which has a dedicated server ip, and get myrootsite.com when I visit secondsite.com. OK, seems simple enough.

4) So I domain mapped secondsite2, via secondsite2’s tools domain mapping menu. I entered in custom domain http://secondsite.com for the original blog address of myrootsite.com/secondsite2

5) When I visit secondsite.com I end up at myrootsite.com per the redirect.

How is domain mapping different then redirecting secondsite.com to myrootsite.comsecondsite2?

Does masking of the redirect effect domain mapping?

Do I need domain mapping, since I can redirect secondsite.com to myrootsite.comsecondsite2?

Obviously I do not understand the concept of domain mapping. What should be entered in the custom domain box under domain mapping, anything I want?

Also, under administration of domain mapping for the network settings of the super admin what is the difference between: a) domain entered by user, b) mapped domain, and c) original domain? Again, I am weak on terminology and strong on inspiration to do what I am doing.

As always, thank you for your ongoing support.

Have a great day.