What is the difference between 'Social Marketing' and 'Pay With A Like' Plugins?

I'm looking for a way to motivate visitors to take action on the site.

The 'Social Marketing' plugin and the 'Pay With A Like' plugin seem to do this.

So, can anyone point out any significant differences or advantages of one over the other?

Or am I mistaken...and they do two entirely different things...and both can be used side by side?

Thanks in advance.

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi @David A. Bailey, Jr

    They are 2 completely different approaches to help generate interest and traffic to your site.

    Social Marketing enables you to create offers that appear in a popup display that, when liked, reveal the content. It's ideal for things like coupons, page passwords, special offers, links to hidden content, etc.

    Pay With A Like enables you to specify pages, posts, etc that can only be accessed by liking. You can also specify portions of the page content that can only be accessed by liking.

    Both of them can be used on the same site. Although you may want to avoid having both types appear on the same page. Could get confusing, and maybe even annoying, for your users.

  • David A. Bailey, Jr
    • Flash Drive

    Just to clarify then...that basically...

    * Social Marketing: Reveals content in a pop-up
    * Pay with Like: Reveals content in a post/page

    But they both allow users to 'buy' access by liking all the same major social media. ie Facebook/Google+/Twitter/LinkedIn

    Is that correct?

  • David A. Bailey, Jr
    • Flash Drive

    Hey @trishpully
    I imagine either one would work...
    but I would probably go with the 'Pay With A Like'...
    just because after they 'pay'...they see a full post
    with the download link...and ecover picture of the book...
    a thank you message for their interest and as well as any other info..

    I suppose you could use 'Social Marketing'...but since it shows up
    in a pop-up...you wouldn't have as much area to add as much information.

    Just my two-cents...remember I haven't actually used either yet...
    so someone else can either verify this or make a better suggestion otherwise.

    Warm regards

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi @trishpulley

    Screenshots 1 & 2 show how Pay With A Like works on the front-end.

    Screenshots 3, 4 & 5 show Social Marketing in action.

    Pay With A Like can be used to "protect" pages, posts, etc, or only selected parts of content.

    Social Marketing can be inserted into the content of any page, post, etc.

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