Can I do both autopaid and single-payments using 1 payment method?

First off thanks so much for your guys’ help so far, it has helped a ton.

I’m nearly done setting up Membership on my site, but before I do, I need to understand a bit about the payment gateways.

I am going to use a monthly autopaid subscription service for my website, and I understand that Paypal Express is the one I want to use for that solution, and I assume that I also need to set the subscription plan to Serial.

Here’s the kicker – I am also interested in created a single-payment option that gives people access to my site for 48 hours that does not auto-renew. I am assuming that if I set the subscription plan for this subscription to “finite” it will not auto-renew when someone subscribes using paypal express. Is this correct? I would hate to unknowingly charge someone for my subscription every 2 days.

I hope this makes sense. Let me know! Thanks again for all of your help! This plugin is looking to be totally worth it!