What is the easiest way to get a daily look at a providers

What is the easiest way to get a daily look at a providers complete schedule of appointments for a given day?? Since we do not allow appointments to be booked within 24 hours we would like to be able to either print out or have a webpage that the worker can look at that easily breaks down their schedule.
i.e. time, service, client name

a list may look like:

10:00am Sports Massage Client Name 1
11:30am Swedish Massage Client Name 2

I see where you can export all appointments to a csv file, but my client is not very good with Spreadsheets.

I also see where the list shows within a providers appointments if you go into their EDIT USER page. But dont want providers to be working within the backend at all.

I didnt see any documentation, but I may have had the wrong search parameters. Any help is appreciated.

  • Editor

    Hey Patrick - Thanks for chiming in. But those shortcodes do not pull the information I am talking about.

    app_my_appointments is for the website user NOT the provider

    What I need is a way to pull all appointments for a service provider....i believe the term used by A+ is "worker". There is a shortcode "app_worker_monthly_calendar" that will allow you to make a booking calendar for a specific worker, but doesnt pull the information.

    Again, what I want is a way to print or show on a webpage a service providers (workers) scheduled appointments for the next day (24 hour window). The information needed is:

    That way we can easily print what each persons scheduled appointments are...and what time slots are still available for walk in appointments.

    If there is a script that can be run on the exported CSV file that would do that then that would be fine too. But the client doesnt know what a csv file is let alone how to manipulate the data. And I cannot be asked to do it for them nightly.

    There has to be a way to process the data into some reporting that make it easier, doesn't there?

  • Patrick


    Sorry for the delay in responding: I had a splitting headache yesterday and took some needed time off.

    app_my_appointments is for the website user NOT the provider

    It's actually for both. :slight_smile:

    Under Appointments > Shortcodes in your wp-admin, you'll see a bunch of parameters can be used with that shortcode, including provider and provider_id if needed.

    So to get all appointments for the logged in provider to display, try this:
    [app_my_appointments provider="1"]

    To get the appointments for a specific provider, try this (with the right ID of course):
    [app_my_appointments provider="1" provider_id="12"]

  • Editor

    Patrick - my apologies! I had so much going on i missed the provider=1 switch. I appreciate the help. (FYI I went back in that night and took another look with a fresh set of eyes and figured out you were correct)

    It works perfectly! Especially when you add a sort feature. So for anyone who reads this here is what we are using and it gives: SERVICE, CLIENT, DATE/TIME, STATUS
    and breaks it apart for each provider.

    [app_my_appointments provider="1" provider_id="2" status="paid,confirmed" order_by="start" title="<h2>we put the providers first name here</h2>"]

    Then just add another one for each provider and you have a perfect schedule that everyone can see from a webpage. (NOTE: We remove it from the menu though)

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