What is the "in this text domain" field for?

Hi all,

I have just installed the “Custom Admin Text Change” plugin v2.0.2 on wordpress 3.1.3 multisite.

I have changed a couple of words using the plugin but have not figured out what the “in this text domain” field is for. Is it for different languages or different sites, or….

Can someone tell me what that field is for AND how to EXACTLY use it by giving an example?

Thank you

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick


    This plugin is great at making global changes in your multisite admin. If you leave that area blank any text change you make will be applied globally.

    So if you want to rebrand the admin so that everyone sees “Welcome to MyNetwork” rather than “Howdy” this would be the usage scenario for you.

    If you want it to apply a change to a site’s admin, the text domain setting allows you to do this. For example:

    Enter text domain company1.mydomain.com and then you can say “Welcome to Company 1” instead of “Howdy”

    then enter text domain company2.mydomain.com and you can say “Welcome to Company 2” instead of “Howdy”.

    This is also helpful if you’re using domain mapping as you may have a completely separate domain name. You can apply text changes in admin specific to your mapped domains.


  • marikamitsos
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi masonjames and thank you for the answer,

    What you describe though is the (by you) the expected function. What I have (on a subfolders and NOT subdomain multisite installation) is this.

    1. Text change globally works fine

    2. Text change for a specific domain -mapped or NON mapped- NOT working.

    I have tried with different combinations of domain names like:

    http://maindomain/sub01/, http://maindomain/sub01, maindomain/sub01/, maindomain/sub01,

    http://mapped01/, http://mapped01, mapped01/, mapped01

    NO luck.

    Can you please see to it, because it looks like it simply does not work when it comes down to different text domains. At least not in my case where I have subfolders and not subdomains.

    Thank you

  • Barry
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Sorry guys, that’s not what it means / does.

    The text domain is something within WordPress – as an example if you download an open the membership plugin you will see the translatable text elements look like:

    __('This is some text','membership')

    The text domain for that bit of text is membership (the second parameter). What this means is that you can specify to only change text within a single plugin. For an example if I set the plugin up to change the text “This is some text” and didn’t specify a text domain, then all instances of that text would be changed.

    If I had two plugins installed, membership and autoblog and they had the same bit of text in them, but with their own text domains e.g.

    __('This is some text','membership')


    __('This is some text','autoblog')

    and I set the text domain setting in the text change plugin to autoblog, then only the text in the autoblog plugin would be changed, the text in the membership plugin (even if it matches the text) would remain unchanged because it is not in the autoblog text domain.

  • marikamitsos
    • The Crimson Coder

    Thank you Barry for clarifying that. Makes sense with plugins.

    Still. How can I change the e.g. german translation of Dashboard to Leitstelle? I mean it is not the membership text domain, nor the supporter, nor…. What is the wordpress text domain for german?

    Because if I now change the word Dashboard -that happens to be the same in both the english language and the german translation- they both change. So I end up with the english language translated as well to Leitstelle. :slight_frown:

    Furthermore as far as plugins go. I think it would be nicer to have the option of just defining the language text domain for a spesific plugin in a way like:

    find:Supporter Themes–>in this domain: supporter-en–>replace with: My Skins.

    find:Supporter Themes–>in this domain: supporter-de_DE–>replace with: meine Häute.

    This way whatever the translation is in the supporter-de_DE.mo file, would be changed without the need to bother with the .mo file.

    @Barry again: I take it (from your answer) it has nothing to do with mapped or non mapped domains, subdirectories or subdomains. Meaning it will NOT make any difference whatsoever. Correct?

    Thanks again.

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya marikamitsos,

    How can I change the e.g. german translation of Dashboard to Leitstelle?

    Are you wanting to change the language on only one site? You can have multiple languages by adding them to your wp-content/langauges folder as described here:


    And even use this plugin to select the language on site creation:


    The Custom Text Changer works across the entire network so it may not be the right solution for you here.

    I take it (from your answer) it has nothing to do with mapped or non mapped domains, subdirectories or subdomains. Meaning it will NOT make any difference whatsoever. Correct?

    That’s correct.

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