What is the most flexible and customizable Buddy Press Theme???

Dear Buddy Press Users,

In your opinion, what is the most flexible and customizable Buddy Press Theme on the web???

I hope to find one with a good foundation that has limitless possibilities.

Please share your thoughts and suggestions here!

Thank you!


  • Mason

    Hiya Jeff,

    That's a difficult question to answer. What's the most flexible and customizable WordPress theme?

    All of our themes here come with 'child themes'. This allows you to literally change any component you like - but for many changes you'll have to add/edit some code.

    There are so many options available - and styles of sites - that come into play when selecting a theme. What sort of customizations are you looking for? What style/layout are you looking for?

    Checkout http://themetastic.com for an easy way to demo many of our BuddyPress themes here. Then, give some thought to what your site's users are going to want to do when they arrive. What information is most valuable to them. What about for visitors?

    Once you know the answers to these questions, you can begin looking for themes that meet your criteria and find the customization options most important to you.

    Hope this helps!

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