What is the preferred way to get a specific group of posts to show up ONLY on one page and another t


Hi. I want to be able to display customer supplied photos on a "photo page". Initially they will be emailing them to me and I will post them. Eventually I would like to have them to be able to post them without my intervention but obviously I need to moderate them and approve them. We make sausages and I want to post pictures of my clients enjoying the product. I also want to have a separate page with blogs entries from me. Initially no comments allowed but may allow in the future. Do I want to post the pictures as blog entries? Better way? Do I use categories to keep them separate? What is the best way to only have one category on a page?



  • Patrick

    Hiya @Grant

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard! And Happy New Year to you and yours too!

    It sounds like you would be well-served with a good forms plugin that allows you to post form entries, including image uploads, to custom post types.

    You could use our CustomPress plugin to create a custom post type that would serve for the archive and single picture displays (to keep things separate from your blog posts).

    Then to enable you and your users to create photo-posts that would be automatically posted to your new custom post type, I personally highly recommend the Formidable Pro forms plugin. For its flexibility and ease-of-use, the pricetag is a real steal.

    You can then use the auto-generated shortcodes from the forms plugin to display your photos in any way you like.

    Of course, you could also do the same thing by using your regular blog & categories (without needing to create a custom post type). But it would probably be preferable to post your pics to categories specifically created for them.

    As for keeping them separate, either way will work. WordPress will recognize your blog categories (or custom taxonomies in your custom post type) and display your photos in nice category (or taxonomy) archives.

    The advantage of using a forms plugins like Formidable Pro for this is the ease with which you can display exactly what you want, where you want.

    You can have archives that display the photos with post excerpts, photo "walls", single posts that display the pic & the full post that goes with it, etc.

    I hope this helps. If you need more help of assistance, please don't hesitate to post again!


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