What is the riddle solution? – rAm unable to solve Membership Registration

I am very pleased if one of you can help out… please, you are far more qualified than I am.

What’s the issue? In fact, I can not solve membership registration. Actually I’m entirely at the end of my tether. Here are the details for the task I have:

1) Installed Protected Content … all membership levels (both main domain and sub domains are defined and enabled.

2) Settings within Protected Content are selected with maximum accuracy.

3) Guest register based on BuddyPress Profile…

4) Each Membership level got an individual form which are done with Gravity Forms…


5) Visitors can register as follows:

http://www.bestofthebestonly.com –> JOIN at Navigation pane….

(works out as it should also the email confirmation is okay (only password field – visible one on form – is to small but entering a large word is okay. Now, how can I make it larger?)

6) Next: Visitor could explore website and wants to register as a member now. For that following steps are necessary:

http://www.bestofthebestonly.com –> JOIN at Nnavigation pane

submenu “Memberships”

ERROR 404 page not found!

What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I see signup form? I am very helpless and immeasurably frustrated because I am stuck since week on this step … and unfortunately, yeah unfortunately there is no manual.

Support access is granted.

Please help. Thank You


  • Bojan Radonic
    • Head of Support

    Hey there @prinz, hope you’re well today!

    Before going into troubleshooting lets please rule out possible conflicts between the plugins. Could you please try testing for a conflict by following the flowchart on this page here:


    Please let me know what you find out.

    As for the buddypress password field width this should be possible to achieve with some custom CSS. Please try adding the following:

    #buddypress .standard-form #basic-details-section input[type=password], #buddypress .standard-form #blog-details-section input#signup_blog_url {
    width: 100%;

    This should increase the width of the password fields.

    Best regards,


  • Klaus
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi Bojan,

    read thoroughly the article about getting support. Here the result to it…

    1) Whilst typing out your questions you’ll be presented with some suggestions from our community, followed by some from our documentation. Take some time to look through those, your question may already be answered saving you some valuable time.

    Before opened a support ticket, researched within community question but couldn't find any helpful solution!

    2) • First and foremost, ensure you’re using the most recent versions of …

    I use most recent version of WordPress, all themes and plugins.

    3) • You should always test anything new including upgrades on a sandbox install first. Have done so too.

    4)• When granting support staff access, you are giving us expressed permission to troubleshoot your issue…. Yes I do!

    5)• Be clear and concise…. did my best to describe the issue I experience, see above.

    6)• Include illustrative screenshots … see attachment

    7)• If you know there is a conflict with another plugin or theme … couldn't find any conflict weather with plugin nor with theme

    8)• Ensure you always follow up… I do

    9)• Please do not lump several, unrelated questions into a single ticket. Don't do that too.

    10)• Please do not open multiple tickets for the same issue… haven't done so and won't do so

    11)• Don’t bump threads multiple times within… as before

    12)• Don’t be flippant, rude or abusive… have never been so and won't be

    13)• Don’t hijack someone else’s ticket… have not done that too.

    14)• Disabling all other plugins… Did this step too… result did not solve the issue either

    As you see followed all steps. Please be so kind look at our application.

    Many thanks in advance.


    15)• Reverting to the default theme… did this step too…

  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hi there @prinz

    Hope you are doing great. Lets see how we can fix this for you. We know you are a great member who follows guidelines, no need to explain to us :slight_smile:

    What am I doing wrong? Why can't I see signup form? I am very helpless and immeasurably frustrated because I am stuck since week on this step … and unfortunately, yeah unfortunately there is no manual.

    You just need to specify the correct page depending on which membership regisrtation you want to use. See my screenshots

    Also you can use a custom registration as I showed you in another thread


    I think you got it working when I just checked your site.



  • Klaus
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hello Jude,

    thanks so much getting back to me in this issue. Indeed I do appreciate your support much.

    Yes, you are right, meanwhile I was able to solve partially the registration. The entire hassle we had was not through having set wrong pages… NO it was in fact the permalink which went at any stage wrong. After resetting it, suddenly the signup form showed up and also the error 404 message not there anymore.

    We found that out just by the occasion that your colleague Jose was so kind checking out multi-db once more. This step force us to reset the permalink and guess what? With this step heaps of troubles disappeared… just so. Also since that we do not have any error message with our multi-db or any subdomains as well (cross fingers this will last forever).

    Okay, back to the registration. Dear Jude, we were still unable to figure out HOW to present our site visitor the various registration forms we need depending on the choice of their membership level. Please would you have by chance a solution for that too? And if so, please could you advise us step by step what to do?

    Perhaps this might be a problem relating to the USER ROLE which do not transfer to subdomains.

    Really looking desperately forward to hear from you again.

    Kind regards


  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hi there @prinz

    I searched quite a bit and am not able to find anything that can work out of the box for you.

    Two things I can suggest to you

    1) If you want to use an external handler for the registration like gravity forms, I’ve written a snippet that can help you. Make sure you hook the right form for each level/subscription.


    2) The problem where you need to have multiple forms based on membership roles is not simple. I did some research on this earlier also for you. You may need to use some custom code along with a 3rd party plugin like this one to smoothly integrate it.

    You can try with a plugin like this one


    Then replace this short code in my code.

    Also look at this


    You can modify that to work across memberships in a single site

    Either way I think you will need to do some custom code to have it all working smoothly together. As an Elite member you have access to our Jobs Board where you can find some good talent that can help you with this, if you are not comfortable with code.



  • Klaus
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hello Jude,

    that’s really incredibly nice of you, still looking for a suitable solution in this matter. Thanks so much for that.

    Of course I will checkout these in a little while… because before I can look at those proposal in detail, first I have to solve another severe which just came up yesterday… filled for that a support request to with the title: What a phenomenon… believe one of you guys can help.

    May I ask you kindly eventually to look at this too? Right now I am very, very helpless and sad that I can’t continue with my site.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Once again a big, big thank you.

    Best regards


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