What is the riddle solution? – rAm unable to solve Membership Registration

I am very pleased if one of you can help out… please, you are far more qualified than I am.

What’s the issue? In fact, I can not solve membership registration. Actually I’m entirely at the end of my tether. Here are the details for the task I have:

1) Installed Protected Content … all membership levels (both main domain and sub domains are defined and enabled.

2) Settings within Protected Content are selected with maximum accuracy.

3) Guest register based on BuddyPress Profile…

4) Each Membership level got an individual form which are done with Gravity Forms…


5) Visitors can register as follows:

http://www.bestofthebestonly.com –> JOIN at Navigation pane….

(works out as it should also the email confirmation is okay (only password field – visible one on form – is to small but entering a large word is okay. Now, how can I make it larger?)

6) Next: Visitor could explore website and wants to register as a member now. For that following steps are necessary:

http://www.bestofthebestonly.com –> JOIN at Nnavigation pane

submenu “Memberships”

ERROR 404 page not found!

What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I see signup form? I am very helpless and immeasurably frustrated because I am stuck since week on this step … and unfortunately, yeah unfortunately there is no manual.

Support access is granted.

Please help. Thank You