What is the right Affiliates setup for my scenario


I would like to use the Affiliates plug-in and I am a bit overwhelmed by the various configurations that are possible with it.
I would like an affiliate site that has features that allow me to:

- pay affiliates for referrals that result in a sale (commission)
- distinguish between two users:
1) the business or service that is being sold or needs referral
- submit/upload marketing material or ads that are to be used by the affiliates
- these list their products or services then pay the referral AND US per successful sale or referral
- they select the advertsing methods they require
2) the affiliate who sells the service
- these get a commision per sale, while we get ours
- they select the advertising methods they offer(social media, email....etc)
- they logon and see all the businesses they are affiliated to or advertise
- can pick from a directory of registered businesses(above) that they would like to refer
- membership types vary, determining the commission they can get and other services (like training) we can offer them
- we should be abe to monitor successful sales
- both types of users should get notifications when a sale is succesfully concluded
What are the plugins I would require to do this?

Do I also need a network installation?

Thanks in advance for your support

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello @tinonetic,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I think this would be quite a complex setup. I'd start with setting up WordPress Multisite as your partners (businesses or services) would need to add their own content such as a) affiliate promotional materials b) products/services.

    For b) you would want to implement an e-commerce solution such as our "MarketPress e-Commerce" plugin which can work on Multisite:

    - allowing your partners to sell their own goods
    - letting you charge a commision via PayPal's chained payments


    You may also want to turn your attention to our "Membership 2" plugin that will let you run "membership/subscription" based sites, therefore allowing you (and your partners) e.g. to set different prices depending on memberships of buyers and also differentiate access to promotional materials .

    Setting this all together may take quite a bit of work as the idea is complex but it should make a good starting point.

    Once this is all up and running you will most likely need a custom coded affiliate solution. I think our "Affiliates" plugin will make a great base but some enhancements would be necessary here. That said you may want to ask a question at our "Jobs & Pros" job board (please note: no WPMU DEV staff involved!) here:


    Best regards,

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