what is the %usernicename% field?

Is the %usernicename% field the "display user name publicy" option in the profile? If so, how can we use the First Name field in automessages? %userfirstname%?

  • Patrick

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    The %usernicename% placeholder pulls in the WordPress user_nicename, which is a url-sanitized version of user_login. In other words, if a user logs in with their email like user@example.com, their user_nicename would be userexample-com

    So that placeholder is useful to use when building special links in your messages, like to their author page for example:

    The %username% placeholder will pull in whatever the user has selected to be displayed publicly in their profile. So, for a message that you set to be sent immediately upon registration, that would likely be the username they entered in your signup form. But if, in their profile, they later select to display their username, that would be used instead in other messages sent to that user.

    I hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

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