What is your best WPMUDEV business concoction?

What are you guys building with these plugins?

What are some business ideas you have?

I was trying to create a job board and had to resort to other tools outside of WPMUDEV. Maybe link me to a thread or documentation but I haven't run into any start to finish guides for project that might work best.

What do you peeps have up your sleeves?

  • PC

    Hello @Chance

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    While this is a question directed to our fellow members who should chime in on the thread with their recipes, I will add my words here.

    We currently do not have a Job Board plugin which can be used on a WPMU Site out of the box but our developers are working on something like this and if it goes well, we should have a plugin which can be used on the site and create a job board real quick.

    Currently there are many users who are building ecommerce store, a system like WordPress.com and Edublogs.org using our Prosites plugin.

    A few are offering services like Appointments to their clients and also picking up custom work and delivering that to their customers.

    I am sure the fellow members will chime in with their comments too.

    Cheers, PC

  • HamRadioDude

    Hello @Chance
    As PC has said wpmuDEV doesn't have a Job Board Yet.
    I have two sites that I have made with a Theme from Sitemile The sites are iwilldoitfor.com and notjustafive.com
    I'm also selling those sites.

    I also have a multisite for Amateur Radio Operators only and offering them free Blogs with the Prosite Plugin and about 60 or so plugins total most of them for the operation of the site. The good thing about Prosites you can offer upgrade incentives to your customers and they pay for the premium plugins and themes.

  • Chance

    Thanks guys! @PC, @HamRadioDude & @Dev4

    @Dev4 I really like specificity of your multisite. You didn't just make a site where you can make a blog, like wordpress.com, but made it for a niche of people in the travel blogging. Not only do that get a blog to share their ideas but they get to make a little cash from the ads you sell, the ads they sell(commission), or the commission from the ads(Commission per Purchase? or something like that).

    @PC looking forward to seeing what you guys can code up for the job board. If I could request a few features for the plugin...

    -charge the applicant to apply for a position
    -notifications when a employer has viewed the application of the applicant

    So far my idea has been to create a temporary jobs board(Job Manager plugin) as a membership(Membership plugin) site. Besides the idea of using ads I'm still sifting for other monetization ideas.

    If anyone else has some website or plugin combinations to accomplish a goal that is sharable it would be much appreciated.

    Cheers All,

  • Dev4

    I think niche markets are where the greatest opportunities are.
    a general blog platform is done well enough by wordpress.org, blogger and others.

    It is not likely to take over facebooks place in the market with buddypress or communities.
    But none of those can give a niche market the focus, attention and service that we can.

    You see a great example of success servicing a niche market with edublogs (blogs for educators)

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