What plugins are needed to allow/facilitate media exchange, comments and ads in BP Daily Theme multi

I must applogize in advance for asking so many questions but I am anxious to get started and so far I have still not got a live site. It looks to me that I can't do anything at all until I get a rather large number of plugins downloaded and installed.

Mine will be a humor site where friends can exchange blogs, stories, photos, video, etc. and communicate with each other. We will also have a few ads to support local small businesses. The site will have both "members" and visitors. I mention all that because it describes the kind of functions I would like to have on the site.

I have reviewed all of the pluggins listed on the WPMU DEV site. I have also reviewed the buddy press plugins listed on the wordpress site. A few plugins were suggested to me earlier in response to a more general question. It looks to me that I must download ALL of the plugins listed below. Is this true? Are they the correct plugins for their type of function? I have marked two of them with "X" because the compatibility with WP3/BP seems questionable according to the WP site but there seems to be no viable substiture for them. Is this true?
I will very much appreciate any guidance you will give.

AddThis Social Bookmarking plugin
Audio and video comments
Greet Box
Subscribe To Comments
Threaded comments
Group Calendar-Buddy Press
oEmbed for buddypress - X
buddypress like
buddypress album+ - X
Pop Over
Advanced Theme Switcher
BP Hide Widgets
Domain Mapping
Global Footer content

  • Tammie

    @Dale Hazlett: A simple rule I think always applies to plugins is 'what does it give extra and at what cost'. It's all very well having 10 excellent plugins but if they just make the site run slow and nobody ever gains from them... what's the purpose. Trust me the amount of sites I see that are running on treacle due to plugin overload. I'd make sure you get the basic site up and then add one by one seeing if the community / site is benefiting from it - worst thing you could do is load a lot of plugins only to find one is a problem for performance or 4 are not even used.

    Big thing is don't even go with something that isn't compatible - you don't want to give yourself that headache before you have even started.

    Daily does have adverts built in but yes if you want above that you may have to get another solution.

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