What plugins do i need and feed back

Hi Everyone,

I would like to know what everyone think, and what i need to do to accomplish my goals.

This is what i would like to do.

have a main site that is my sales site. People should be able to sign up and have there own site.

i would like to offer a free site (supported by ads) and limited space and plugins.

Allow people to be able to pay and get access to more themes and plugins (upgread there free accounts)

Allow people to buy a third level of plugins that require a sign up fee and a monthly fee on top of the the other things they are already paying for. (ideally i would like there to be a sign fee but have it change it they pre pay for a year or 6 months or 3 months vs the month to month sign up fee) I really just want people to sign up for a longer term and encourage that will a cheaper signup fee.

Allow people buy one off plugins, and no monthly fees

I would like to have a buddypress instance set up as a community area. I would like this to be hidden from the world unless loged in. If we can not hide the whole thing then at lest limit the access to only signed up members. For the type of project i am working on this is a very important part. We need the member to be able to talk and help each other. We also want this to be able to Stay GPL and give people a reason to pay and be apart of what we are doing.

i need a support section, I want to be able to answer a question once. I want to be able to add videos to this so people can see screen cast on how they can change thing easily. I would like to limit this to the paid members or at lest the signed up users. I rather not give all my videos and how to’s away to the rest or the world.

I know I would like to use “New Blog Template” plugin and only offer the themes we have defined in the plugin. What i want to do is offer a done for you type thing. All the basic nav is in place all the basic blog cats are there, all the widgets are in place right away. Then they will review the site for example. they go to the about page. it says add your bio here and an image of your self. Each page will have instructions already in place for them and they will not be overwhelmed by all the greatness that is WordPress.

The biggest thing is i would like All of them to work together. One login. the ability to go back and add things to your account with out losing any data. I need they to be able to seamlessly upgrade with out losing the info they already have a free account and want to remove the ads or use different themes. There will be domain mapping involved later too.

I know this sounds like a lot and im open to ideas. I also rather not say what type of market i am going after( not yet ;c )

  • Mason
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    Just my opinion but this seems like a bit much for one website. You want to offer people the ability to create their own sites, with all their own plugins and themes, but also want to sell them those plugins and themes?

    Maybe I’m misunderstanding something there but normally I’d recommend doing one or the other. Either sell a product or sell a service (or a service that supports your product like we do here :smiley:)

    Don’t mean to be a downer, but want you to understand that it’ll be loads of work to get this up and running. That being said, you’ll want to look at several of our plugins here in addition to the ones you mentioned in your post.

    I’d also recommend grabbing our yearly subscription package here as you’ll be under way with this for awhile ;D

    Take a look at these options to help you get started:

    For charging for site creation (Free & Premium Themes, Plugins, and Upload Quota) : Supporter – https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/supporter

    For individual site upgrades (plugins): Upgrades – https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/upgrades

    As to providing support, you could do that in wp-admin by using our Support System plugin (which I believe is due for an update in the next week or so):


    Or have a custom theme on one of your subdomain/subdirectory sites that handles support:


    Our MarketPress theme will be supporting digital downloads for purchase soon:


    Or our Membership plugin could restrict access to plugins for download:


    Membership also gives you some basic abilities to hide things in the admin like writing posts, etc if that interests you.

    The biggest thing is i would like All of them to work together.

    Yep. That’s the biggest thing. All of our plugins should work fine together, but they may not integrate in the way you’re specifically looking for. In that case, we’ll help as we’re able and there’s always the Job Boards for requesting some custom development:


    Again, this is a mighty big project. At the very least, I’d plan to roll it out in phases :smiley:

    Hope this helps. Thanks!

  • easilyamused
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    Hi masonjames,

    Thanks for your replay.

    Your right it is a lot, and yes i need them to be able to create there own sites and buy upgrades.

    We are going to be making all our own themes. There are all going to be tailer to one type of business.

    The end user will not have server or ftp access to there sites. They will not be able to use any other themes then what we have created. They will not be able to upload there own plugins. The point of this is we want all the themes to be swappable at any time and we are the ones that are going to be taking care of all there wordpress updates and taking care of the servers and setting up there emails with the setup fees.

    When i say one site, i mean one multisite install. Our main site will not be part of the network but will have to site inside it for all the plugins to work.

    I have been doing a lot of reading on all of the plugins you listed below. and yes i do already have the year membership.

    We are planing on rolling it out in phases but as quick as we can.

    I really like your http://edublogs.org/ site. We kinda want to do the same thing but add a couple more things to make it really easy for people to not to have to think about what plugins we should use or how to set up all the configs. Also we want to give people really nice looking themes but not charge them 6k for the design and implementation.

    it looks your supporter plugin will handle most of what i need, do we have any kind of ETA on the different level support?

    Any more feed back would be great, and im willing to give more information if it will help. I know it sounds like a lot but really its a place where you come signup and have a site really quickly but if you want to do a little more you just need to pay a little extra. but the different plugins might be like a one time $2.00 to have a twitter widget or it might be a plugin that has a passthrough fee to access a api so we need to be able to charge for that on a month basis.

    We are looking to offer a done for you website for the price of good hosting and the end user really dose not have to know anything about coding or configering WordPress. We are also telling people it is WordPress and there data is there. Like i said before we are trying to keep it GPL.

    I really thank you for your fead back so far.

    James Tryon

  • Mason
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    it looks your supporter plugin will handle most of what i need, do we have any kind of ETA on the different level support?

    Yeah, Supporter should handle this for you. It’s actually what we use on edublogs.

    We don’t give out ETAs I’m afraid. Just know that it’s in active development. I’m honestly not sure that the multi-level bit will make it into this next update. I’m not saying it won’t, just that I’m unsure.

    If you have any other specific questions. Just let us know!


  • easilyamused
    • Flash Drive


    I just hate to start hacking plugins. That feels way to dirty. We could start out just manually doing the add-ons for people. It is a third party service anyways.

    Then when the plugin is updates, we can add it into our system then.

    Thanks for all the hard work guys,

    -James Tryon

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