What plugins to use for this scenario

Can you recommend the plugin(s) I’ll need for the following scenario:

I want to allow people to signup for a “membership” to our website. To encourage signup, we want to create popups and other signup forms throughout the website. Once they’ve signed up they can log into the website and see certain content (restricted posts, files, etc.) based on their profile. They can also update custom fields for their profile page (e.g. First name, Last name, interested in receiving newsletter, # of migraines per month, gender, DOB, etc.). We also want to be able to email them our newsletter (if they’ve opted in) manually and/or automatically.

I’ve read thru your numerous plugins and have a pretty good idea on some of the plugins that will probably be needed but I need to make sure I have the “membership” plugin/functionality figured out. For example, if they signup for the “membership” is their information stored in the same data table as the WP Users table? If not, is there concern that we might have their information potentially in two different tables that we have to manage.