What pro sites status to do for 'New Blog Templates' template

Hi Guys,

I am doing a pet project with pro sites and new blog templates. If it pans out, I will take it live.

I looked around for my question but could not find it instead I did find other answers that I noted :slight_smile:

Setup: Pro Sites (with pay to blog add-on + others), New Blog Templates

What I did: Created a new NBT template & did the pro sites setup of course.

What happened: Time went by since I worked on the project. I came back to it now and the blog template pro status expired and pay to blog kicked in [great! but…].

What I want to know / confused on:

What pro status do I keep for my blog templates?

– Permanent? Would this mean client sites created with this template will have permanent pro status? [not good]

– Modify Pro Status: I don't know what this does.