What should I do with the plugins I've already installed?


You seem to have a lot of great plugins. I already have a few installed and I'd like to know if your plugins are better and make them redundant. Here's what I have installed on this site.

Elegant Builder
ET Shortcodes
Regenerate Thumbnails
Wordpress SEO (Yoast)
WP Supercache

On another one I have:

Buddypress Template Pack
Cute Profiles
Google XML Site Maps
List Authors
uCan Post
Wordpress Guest Post Plugin
WP Biographia
Facebook Open graph

(I can't remember why I have half of these.)

On others I have:

Reviewazon on an unlimited licence
Unlimited License Socrates Theme
Unlimited Lifetime Elegant Themes - Themes and plugins

Somehow I think I should have come to you first. :slight_frown:

From the look of your set up here, I'm wondering if all my plugins were your premium and ultra-supported ones I might be better off.

I can't plow through your site at the moment. I'm relying on your knowledge of your own products when I ask you quickly to type out your equivalents or superior suitable plugins to my ones listed above,. I'll be able to zero in on them to check them out.

Thanks so much.