What steps to take running a hacked site?

Hot Girl Selfies

As I have mentioned before my site has been hacked by a competitor. I changed all passwords I could. Still I found a second redirect of the post containing the keywords of my site name done 7 am this morning. I don´t know the extent but Google found close to 700 errors. I had 4 not found some time back.

Not knowing what I was doing I removed 250 /tag/ipsum.. Does that mean that a tag has been removed from a post? Lots of them left though.

I use Sitelocks services still they managed to add links to their site and social network at key places taking my main linkjuice a couple of months ago. While at it they added malware that sitelock cleaned.

Would you mind taking a look inside the Search Console of the plugin SEO by Yoast? A new feature connected to webmaster tools. I have granted you access.

If you don´t mind look at for example:

/galleries/ - shows Locked in red on all but Mirror Selfies. What does this meen?

/mobile/ - Can´t be found. I get A´s in all tests now Moz found an F and Google mobile bot found issues in webmaster tools. After changing all passwords I reinstalled the theme without success. They still have access so..


Only checking one url with a redirect done this morning no wonder the damage caused. Should I quarantine the site? I´m running out of ways to protect myself.

I need a cause of action starting with an end to further damage. Can I pay somebody to dig in to this?

The redirect I found redirects to one url in Yoast, one in webmaster tools since this morning and not at all for visitors of the site.

My main concern is rankings. Can I notify Google some way to prevent that? Can I pay you to sink your teeth in to this?

Please suggest a cause of action making things happen as soon as possible.