What to Charge Client BPMU

Hi All! I have been customizing WP themes for a couple of years and this is my first venture into WPMU and Buddypress. My client wants a BPMU site with ecommerce.

Any ideas what to charge for BPMU with ecommerce? Client wants to create an auction site.

And - what kind of maintenance would a site of this complexity need? I am thinking 20-40 hours per week to maintain it? What could the client expect to pay for on-going site maintenance?

Input and info very much appreciated!!!

  • Aaron

    Well theme development is similar to WP but more time intensive as there are more templates to theme (all the BP features).

    An auction site would require development of a custom BP plugin that would be pretty advanced, so you're contracting a developer for likely 100+ hours.

    Ongoing it depends what your responsibilities are. You set your rates according to your experience and demand and if you need to subcontract for plugin updates, server admin etc.