What To Do If Sub-Domains Won't Work On A Host Gator VPS Root Account

Hello all – I’m brand new here, but learned something today and thought I would share the info. It may help someone avoid the hours of frustration I just endured. :stuck_out_tongue:

My Story:

I have a VPS account with HostGator and could not get my WPMU installation to use sub domains properly on my root account. Oddly enough… it would install fine on other domains which are hosted at Godaddy and point to my VPS as add on domains.

Turns out that adding the wild card to the A Name records won’t cut it. It will throw you to a Cpanel page that says the site doesn’t exist after you create a new account on your WPMU. If you’ve tried, you already know this ; )

Here’s the fix

1. Remove the A Name record you created via DNS manager (e.g. *.yourdomain.com )

2. Now go to “Domains -> Sub domains” via your Cpanel and add your wild card there. (e.g. *.yourdomain.com )

Once you’ve added your wild card in the sub domains section (INSTEAD of the DNS area) – try to create a new site on your install – you may just find joy! I know I did after hours of frustration

Just thought I would share since I couldn’t find this answer online – but I’ve seen other posts (elsewhere) regarding this matter.