What to suggest for running a contest with WordPress, where entries are submitted and tracked?

Greetings, i'm curious if anyone has thoughts or suggestions on how a contest with submissions/uploads could be run with WordPress.

It's a newspaper writing contest for members of an association
Members sign in and submit PDFs in different categories (sports, business etc)
They can manage their entries (see how many they have entered and in what category)
They can see only their entries.
At a certain time entries would no longer be accepted
Judges would be given access to log in and read/download the entries, preferably restricted to their category only, but

There are several products out there to manage online contests, and our association has tried a few of them already, but they are so feature-bloated, inconveniently on outside servers, and expensive.
I'd like to work out what might be possible with WordPress if I can and would love to hear if anyone has seen or tried to modify a theme to do any of the above requirements