What will happen if I remove the iTunes RSS Redirection plugin?


I inherited a site that uses iTunes RSS Redirection.

What will happen if I remove the iTunes RSS Redirection plugin?

The site already has an iTunes feed/channel.

I don't know why this plugin is required. And the link goes to the developer's site (in German) which has no plugin info.

I'd like to remove it but I do NOT want to break something with iTunes because it's really, really, really difficult to get in touch with iTunes for support.

And it is even harder to fix a broken iTunes feed/channel.

I'd really like to make this site much more lean and killing this plugin will help.

Any good advice?

Thank you,


  • Alexander

    Hi there @anotheropus,

    You can find this plugin here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/rss-itunes-redirection/

    Removing it will make whatever feature it was providing go away. If you're nervous about deactivating a plugin on a site, I would advise reading up on that plugin. You're basically removing whatever feature it was giving to you.

    To be honest, there's no way for us to know what removing a 3rd party plugin or theme would do to your site, as we're not always familiar with every plugin or theme. (there are millions across the web)

    If in doubt, you can always get in touch with the plugin author. Usually they include a link from the plugins description.

  • anotheropus

    Thank you again Alexander.

    As I mentioned about the other plugin I'll go with the deactivate and wait method.

    I will read up more abou this plugin. But it seems that on this site it's not in use.

    My big fear here was killing something related to iTunes.

    It's easier to talk to Steve Jobs (even from the other side) than it is to get real, direct support from iTunes. So I don't want to cross that bridge.

    This site has about 20 plugins but I'm trying to lean it out as they want it faster.

    So I'm doing all the things that should and can be done on a WordPress site to optimize it and get all the pieces lighter and leaner.

    Thank you again,


  • Alexander

    Hi @anotheropus,

    Just posted on your other thread were I noticed you mention the amount of traffic involved for this site. When working with large sites that have alot of traffic, I'd advise having a staging site where you can workout updates and changes before doing it live. You could make a backup of your current site and set it up on a test server. Then you can play around and see if anything breaks without any risk.

    Best regards,

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