What's the benefit of using a wp caching plugin?

What's the benefit of using a wp caching program say like WP Super Cache for example?

Are there any downsides?


  • Michelle Shull

    Hello, Joe!

    I have a lot of opinions about caching plugins, so grab a coffee. : )


    1. Caching makes your site load faster, because instead of creating each of your pages/posts from scratch each time it's called (some one visits it), a cached copy can be served.
    2. Caching plugins can help solve other issues, like scripts being loaded in the wrong order or file bloat due to extra whitespace.
    3. Some caching plugins can also optimize your images for you, so you're serving up the smallest possible file size for each of your pages.


    1. Caching plugins interfere with a lot of other plugins.
    2. Caching plugins can be a giant pain to configure properly, but that's gotten easier over the years.
    3. Caching can interfere with your site's RSS feed.

    That being said, I infinitely prefer W3Total Cache to WP Super Cache. It's more user friendly, and easier to customize to work with your particular server configuration.

    And with THAT being said, I have been hearing pretty good things about a new product called Rocket Cache. http://wp-rocket.me/ It's new-ish, and it's a premium plugin, but all reports I've heard have praised it's functionality and how easy it is to use.

    I hope this helps, Joe!

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