what's the difference between gravity forms and survey monkey?

Is there any reason not to just use Survey Monkey or Google forms?

I'd like to be able to survey my members often as well as intake data.

  • Alexander

    Hi Eric,

    The main difference is that Gravity Forms is a Wordpress plugin that you can purchase while Survey Monkey is an online service that you pay a fee to use. Gravity forms works inside your Wordpress site and all the data is stored on your system, while Survey Monkey keeps this with your account on their site.

    I'd actually recommend Gravity Forms. I've used them before and like the plugin. You can setup custom forms with any number of fields with different types. Maybe with a bit more information you I could make a better recommendation though

    Best regards,

  • Alexander

    Google forms is a very simple (and free) option you could use. It's certainly nice that everything goes to a spreadsheet.

    I guess I'm just assuming there is something Gravity forms (or the likes) would do that google or Survey monkey doesn't.

    Yes, because it's a wordpress plugin all the form entries are actually stored in your site. This is the key difference. Google forms and survey monkey are services, and they handle this for you.

    The advantage to Gravity forms is the Wordpress integration - you don't need any third party system. You can also add payment options to your forms, and even setup special forms for Wordpress registration.

    Best regards,

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