What's the proper way of updating themes (e.g. Farms 133 Theme Pack)?

So I tried updating to the latest version of Farms 133 Theme Pack. What I would usually do when I update this theme pack is I would do it through the use of an ftp client and would just upload the themes directly to the theme's folder. When I tried checking the themes on my dashboard, it says that I still need to update the theme. The current version is and it's telling me to update to This is the second time it happened. The first one was resolved when I re-installed the WPMUDEV dashboard plugin and re-uploaded the theme pack again. I tried to mimick what I did before but to no avail, it still says I need to update.

Am I doing something wrong here? Advice anyone?

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    @Aaron : I took the screenshot from the result that I got from WordFence's scan. I do not believe it's an incompatibility. I tried updating the themepack with all plugins disabled and it's the same thing.

    @PC : I did the steps that were suggested on the previous post that I had regarding the Farms theme pack but it's generating the same results. I deleted, then re-installed the dashboard plugin, I deactivated all other plugins, i deleted the farms pack and it yielded the same result. I even waited for 24 hours 'coz i thought maybe it's taking some time for it to completely update itself (which is highly unlikely since the update process should only take a couple of seconds). This issue is actually on the Farms pack. I've never got this type of issue with other themes from WPMU.

    I guess this is just a notification issue and I don't think it's having any negative effects on the main site and its sub-sites besides the persistent notification that I need to update the theme pack.

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