What's the state of Salutation Theme Compatibility with WPMU Plugins?

As a customer of Salutation Theme and WPMU Plugins like many others I was wondering before making any business choice what are the last updates and compatibility issues with the plugins here reported? I mean which plugins work and which plugins don't work or require some coding?
I refer to this https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/wpmu-devsalutations-theme/

Both are essential for any serious project. I don't see any buddypress template that can compete with Salutation. And at the same time, Salutation is totally obsolete from an entrepreneur perspective if it's not compatible with advanced plugins like directory, pro sites, classifieds, Q&A,... to name a few and that add a certain value to a website depending on the concept.

Seems like everybody wants to sell but nobody really care about the final product which is all about building an online business.

  • Brian Purkiss

    The short of it is, we cannot guarantee compatibility with third party plugins and themes.

    However, having been a member of WPMU DEV before working here, and having seen thousands of themes work with our plugins, something's definitely wrong when our plugins work with thousands of WordPress themes, but regularly have issues with the Salutations theme.

    I do know that members use our plugins with Salutations, but I do know that many people frequently have issues with it as well.

    We definitely care about our users building an online business – insinuating otherwise is out of line and insulting. That's why we've built our 350+ themes and plugins to help our members build their own business.

    However, we cannot control third party themes that are built in such a way that have issues with our plugins. Again, I must point out that our plugins don't have issues with other themes.

    In short, something is wrong with the Salutations theme and we cannot guarantee compatibility with it.

  • HitchB

    Hi @Brian,

    Yes I know that it's theme related and especially Salutation theme related. I was hoping to have an update on this as things are evolving in a good way. They have been updating their theme the Salutation team but I'm not sure that all plugins will work with Salutation.
    This is the reason I've been asking. The number of people using Salutation is quite huge.

    On the same note, I know that the plugins here are compatible with many other themes and the 350 themes you created.

    But honestly speaking, from a designer perspective, premium themes like Salutation or some other Themeforest themes cannot be replaced by any free themes.

    There's a huge gap between aesthetic, design and functionality. One cannot do everything from plugins to design.

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