Whats with RTmedia problems with mitigation

What is with this RTmedia mitigation dose anyone know because they took $149.00 dollars from me and them two month later. Wanted another 149.00 dollars from me. The site was hacked again because they wanted to get into my servers for mitigation and I would not let them then they said I would get a plugin for the mitigation and I never did.
This is bad business and I tried to find the plugin RTmedia pro in wordpress I could not find it in a search. I don't believe the way these people are doing business.
This is not fair to me at all I don't like this one bit. I dopnt mind paying for something if it works although this is the 4th time this site fluffey.com was hacked not good at all.

Regards Vinny P.S I asked if I could use the upload with just one plugin and its not working my license is gone what is this.