What's wrong with WP latetest update???

Hello Suport Team,

wondering what has WordPress done with it’s latest update? Since then we experience quite a few troubles…

1) it was impossible to update entire network; luckily now it’s done (I hope so) after trouble shooting this issue. sadly we lost at least two working days on that

2)next, suddenly all headlines from pages were eaten, but not on posts. To solve that problem – which we did with the kind support of Predrag your kind help- we lost on the end other 3 days

3) next, after solving above issue suddenly our main page does not display anymore. Currently Anang is on that issue… hopefully it will be sorted out soon (as it seems the wp update interferes both plugin membership pro and protected content.

4) We recognized too that even WPMU Dev Dashbord does not work properly… displaying plugins or selecting any subject for research within community is a gamble of luck as sometimes the menu is displayed… sometimes not.

5) Today I am asking to helping the hassle that the media library is not working anymore. on one hand we can’t display the media library content (using backend level); on the other hand uploading any image isn’t possible.

Please be so kind help to get this bug fixed too.

Support access is granted.

Big thank you in advance


  • Klaus
    • The Crimson Coder

    upps we forgot to mention: currently all plugins are deactivated in order to continue with our task but the issue as described is not solved…

    In short: to reproduce the mistake you have to activate plugins as listed below.

    Plugin to activate at NETWORK level

    Admin Columns Network Activated

    Akismet Network Activated

    bbPress Network Activated

    Blogs And Users Network Activated

    Blogs Directory Network Activated Network Only

    BuddyPress NetwNEWORWordPress Toolkit Network Activated

    Friends Network Activated Network Only

    Jetpack by WordPress.com Network Activated

    Join My Multisite Network Activated Network Only

    List category posts Network Activated

    Members Directory Network Activated Network Only

    Membership Premium Network Activated

    Multisite Enhancements Network Activated Network Only

    Multisite User Management Network Activated Network Only

    Protected Content Network Activated

    Quick Custom Solution Plugin Network Activated

    Rename Users Network Activated

    ** Revolution Slider Network Activated

    Subtitles Network Activated

    ** Trades Core Plugin Network Activated

    ** Trades Shortcodes Plugin Network Activated

    ** Trades Widgets Plugin Network Activated

    Ultimate Branding Network Activated

    User Role Editor Pro Network Activated

    WPMU DEV Dashboard Network Activated Network Only

    WP Super Cache Network Activated

    ** THEME

    Hope that helps.


  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hiya, Prinz!

    Wow, you’ve had a run of cruddy luck! Hopefully we can get your media library back up and running as it should, and maybe I can help out with some of the other issues you’re having, as well. It’s my last day before vacation, let’s crack our knuckles and get your site in shape.

    I see you’ve got debug on, but I’m not concerned about the warnings you’re seeing, none of those are critical, they’re just notices and messages from PHP about practices that have changed. This doesn’t mean anything is broken, so you don’t need to worry about any of the messages you’re seeing here. Warnings and errors are more critical, with errors usually being the showstoppers.

    First off, let’s have you handle debug a bit differently. Instead of displaying the errors/warnings/notices on your site, which can slow down your performance, let’s write them to a log file instead. You’ll find this file in your wp-content folder after you edit wp-config.php to include these lines:

    define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );
    define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true );
    define( 'WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false );

    The first on is already there, you want to add the lines about LOG and DISPLAY underneath the first line. If Anang and Predrag need debug info, you can share the contents of the log file with them.

    I was able to upload an image to the media library of your first subsite, (it’s a screenshot of my protected content settings, very exciting stuff.) :slight_smile: The first two were uploaded with the multi-file uploader (that’s the default one that supports drag and drop) the second with the browser uploader. The multi-file uploader looked like it hung, but it did successfully upload the file. The browser uploader worked right away, but displayed a notice in the media library. I’m seeing all the images in your media library, are you still not?

    I suspect you’re having issues because of the database problem that a few of us have seen, I saw a database error when trying to access your media library the first few times. I saw this mentioned in your other threads, where I went to research what was happening with your other issues, to see if maybe the were related. You’re so kind to all my co-workers when they try to help you. Do you have more information about the cause of this error? You mentioned you were working on it with your host and Jose, but I didn’t see the cause mentioned.

    While you’re still working on the database issue, I think you’ll see things work better for you in the media library once you start writing your debug messages to a log file rather than to the front of your site. Does this make sense? Can you give that a try and see if it’s working?

    I deactivated two plugins I suspected, Super Cache and the Media Library Enhancer – for now, leave both of those off when you switch to the debug log and test again. If everything works, turn them back on and confirm neither is interfering.

    So, in short:

    1. Add those two extra lines to wp-config.php to create a debug log, rather than writing the debug messages to your site.

    2. Leave the Enhanced Media Library and Super Cache plugins deactivated while you test.

    3. Let me know if there’s more information you think I might need concerning your database error issue.

    Thanks, Prinz, hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

  • Klaus
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi Michelle, big, big thank you. Simply a small change within a .php file… incredible improvement to my work!

    Not only that the issue is solved… I do love and appreciate most your explanation which helps so much. Best of all you brought it over in a way I do understand (even the background of the issue).

    Frankly I value your help as highly professional, straight forward and motivational.

    Wish you a pleasant vacation paired with lots of fun, much relaxation for good health… fantastic climate around the clock.

    Once again, big heartily thanks

    until then


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