When a discount is used in Invoices in the Membership 2 does that apply to the monthly price?

I use Membership 2 and really quite like it. I don't leave it open to open registration. People can't come to my site and choose a membership, they have to contact me first. Then I create an account for them, a custom membership subscription price and then send them an invoice.

When I send an invoice, I choose a membership level, a user to send it to. Then it asks for the amount of the invoice and a discount if I want to apply one. My question is when I send them that invoice is that setting the price for the entire time they are a member? Or just that first initial pay period and then after that whatever the monthly subscription amount will be charged?

The reason I ask is because I would like the recurring payments to be $79 but I would like the first month to be $59. A lower introductory price.