When a feed item is overwritten/updated, the log/dashboard

When a feed item is overwritten/updated, the log/dashboard does not reflect that activity. Merely, it shows "no new items imported" which is technically correct, but missing activity that should be logged/tracked.

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @DTuloJr,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your question.

    The AutoBlog dashboard is cached by default, it's automatically regenerated, but not straight away, if you go to AutoBlog > Dashboard and scroll to the bottom, you'll see a note like "This page was last generated on DATE TIME, this will regenerated at DATE TIME or regenerate now".

    Click the regenerate now link and it should work correctly, any issues let me know :slight_smile:


    Kind Regards

  • DTuloJr

    Nope, did not work. The only reason I know that post was updated and overwritten is by direct access to the database when I was trying to figure out why a particular import of a single item from a feed was not working; Autoblog was working and noted that a duplicate post existed. When I explicitly allowed dupes it updated a post created two days prior, which I verified in the raw DB. Autoblog showed the feed processed... but there was no mention of the update in the dashboard log. Perhaps its just isolated. It is not an easy thing to test all the time with live data.

  • DTuloJr

    I haven't run into a situation where feeds were processed but Autoblog did not log the information or process that log in the dashboard. Anytime that I started to think that, I've found that I did something in the backend code while troubleshooting one issue or another, and that an error was eventually written to one of the error logs (hosting account, Wordpress site root, or Wordpress wp-admin directory). Or, I waited few minutes longer, did a manual refresh and update on the dashboard, and everything was fine. I've run into situations where server response times, web traffic, and various PHP timeouts came into play.

    Related to troubleshooting issues like this, one of the major improvements that really needs to occur (perhaps across everything from WPMU) is a serious revamping of the codebase with an emphasis on logging for performance monitoring and debugging. A few other plugins I've used excel at this. For example, as much of a mess as the FeedWordPress code is, it includes phenomenal debugging and logging features to where I can tell what FWP processed, what it thought it saw, and what it wrote to the database. That's enormously useful information to have in an RSS reader. Likewise, WP Views, a commercial plugin (http://wp-types.com/) recently added debugging features that saved days or weeks of troubleshooting by literally showing what was expected, what it saw and how it processed it, and what it exported. Its helpful to know what the internals of some of the complex plugins are doing. I'd like to see at least a very detailed log capability in Autoblog to show what it did to grab a feed, what it saw, and how exactly it processed each feed and feed item and feed item element, what it did with each element, and what it wrote to what tables and fields in the database.

    4.0.7? :wink:

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