When a user signs up for the free account, their account status is set to Inactive

So whats this all about? What exactly does inactive mean? I was still able to log in and do stuff even though the account was inactive.

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick


    Can you tell us a bit more about your setup? Do you have free and paid levels? Do you have any level assigned by default under Membership>Options>General “User Registration”?

    Inactive would normally refer to a person who has a logins but can’t do anything outside of what a normal person with their user role can do within WordPress. It’s also the status that’s assigned to a user if their subscription should ever expire.

    It’s also used if they don’t complete the signup process. If they are completing the signup process and still getting marked as inactive then somethings probably wrong with the setup which we can probably spot by answering the questions above.

    Hope this helps. Let us know if you need anything further!

  • stueynet
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    The Stranger level is set to Guest and the Free level is set to Free. I have 2 levels set. Free, Silver and Gold. Free is free and the other 2 are monthly payments.

    So the first issue I see is that there are 2 signup pages. One at wp-signup.php which is the default WordPress signup, and /register which is created by your plugin. When I sign up at the page created by your plugin, it works, I set my password, and it just logs me in. The username and password are sent to me by an email generated by your plugin (with the wrong from address and with the password in the email which is not good practice).

    If I sign up at the default wordpress signup (wp-signup.php), it also works correctly and it creates a site for me and I get all the correct emails (this time with the correct FROM address), but the user does not appear in any of the subscriptions in your Membership plug. This is not surprising given that I went through the default WordPress sign up process.

    Another thing I noticed is that when I sign up with an account through your plugin, I am immediately logged in, and under “My Sites” it lists the main site which is pretty confusing since thats not one of my sites.

    If you want to take this private I’d be happy to provide any of the specific access info you may require.

  • Kimberly
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    Hello there!

    Received your email in the contact inbox, thought it more appropriate to reply here. :slight_smile:

    You will receive a Free member as inactive on a Paid site if you have the Free Gateway and a Paid Gateway plugin active at the same time. You need to deactivate the free gateway if this is the case. You will be able to use the cost of $0 to pass through PayPal or whichever payment gateway and your user will be seen by the site as Active.

    Can you please let me know if this is applicable to you?

  • stueynet
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Ok users are now getting set up correctly. The remaining issue is that they cannot upgrade.

    Just to reiterate here is my setup:

    Access Levels

    – Guest

    – Free

    – Silver

    – Gold


    – Free ($0 for 1 year)

    – Silver

    – Gold

    The only restrictions I have on the access levels is the number of blogs the user can create. So thats working just fine. However I cannot get the upgrade links to show on /subscriptions page.

    So user visits the main site of the network and signs up for the free subscription. They get the emails, log in and its all good. However the buttons for silver and gold do no appear on the subscriptions page for them to upgrade to.

    Let me know if you would like admin access to have a look for yourself.

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