When booking a slot the confirmation shows a different time...


When I select a time slot from the calendar (8am) the confirmation time in the 'Please check the appointment details below and confirm' section shows 2am.
The time reverts to 6 hours before the time on every selected slot. This occurs in firefox and chrome (haven't tried it with any other browsers).
I went into the general settings in wordpress and found that I hadn't adjusted the time from UTC. However, the UTC time was 4 hours ahead of my local time, changing it didn't help. Even cleared my cache to be sure.

Anyone come across this problem before or know the possible cause?

  • David
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Found the problem. It's an issue with the BackWpUp plugin, once I deactivate that everything works as normal.

    Apparently there is a fix to use both of them together as mentioned by Vladislav:

    As always, thank you so much for the awesome work in zeroing on the conflict, Steve (@pxwm)! Apparently, the BackWpUp plugin changes the default timezone for your setup automatically, without any further discussion about it. You can, however, get it to change your server timezone to a proper one, though. To do this, add this line to your wp-config.php:

    define('RAXSDK_TIMEZONE', 'UTC');

    The discussion can be found here for anyone else that may encounter this problem. I think there should be a warning in this plugin (clearly visible) until this issue is fixed - BackWpUp is a pretty popular plugin that a lot of people use so many are going to come across this problem.

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