When Can We Expect New Themes?

WPMU is a great resource with respect to plugins, support and the user community, but your themes are terribly outdated. You could go on any popular theme site and find tons of themes that are more feature rich and visually attractive. The downside, of course, is potential compatibility issues (both with multisite/buddypress and WPMU Dev themes) and added expense.

Obviously, it would be great for the user community here if we could get themes as part of our membership that were of comparable quality to the premium themes we could get elsewhere. Back in February, we were told over at uservoice.com new themes were "in development" and "coming soon". I haven't heard anything about it in the six months since. When can we expect these themes to be made available?

I know you guys are generally reluctant to estimate availability dates, but I hate to go out and spend money on themes tomorrow only to find out you guys were planning to release something next week (or even next month). Can you make an exception here and tell us what we can expect and when?