When choosing 2 themes to AB test with the plugin, will it


When choosing 2 themes to A\B test with the plugin, will it direct traffic between the themes in a 50%\50% manner? If yes, how can i change this so 1st theme will get 80% of the traffic and the 2nd theme will get 20%

similar to the Google analytics experiments feature ( if you know it )


  • Patrick

    Hi there @Nir

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    Indeed, the A/B Theme Testing plugin rotates themes to assign them evenly between visitors. There is no built-in option to modify the percentage so visitors see one theme more often than another.

    The whole idea of the plugin is to enable you to create statistically valid analytical data by segmenting the total number of visitors into equal parts per theme. That data can then be used to determine, among other things, which theme is converting better than another. Were the percentages skewed in favor of a particular theme, that data would also be skewed. :slight_smile:

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