When confirmed, appointment time is reseted

Hi there,

I have just started to use the latest version of Appoinments+ plugin - it plays nicely until I confirm an appointment on the back-end. When I open the appt to confirm it, it shows the date and time that was chosen by the user, but when I select "Confirmed", click Save and go back to the main tab, it hows 1970. January 1. 00:00.

If I open the appt again to enter the correct date and try to save it again, the "Record could not be saved OR you did not make any changes!" message appears.

Switched off every plugin and reverted back to 2010 theme, but that did not help (WP version is 3.4.2).

Many thanks for your help in advance!

UPDATE: If I leave the date field empty when editing the appt and just change the start time, it saves for today with the correct time (e.g. 2012. November 17. 20:00). Also tried to change the WP system date format to Y-m-d (I used and would like to use Y. F j.) and with that it works. It also works if I leave the system date format on Y. F j. format, but add the date for the appt in the Y-m-d format. Is there a solution for entering the date in the same format as the WP date format and save it?