When creating new pages the same content is appearing on all of them

I'm working on the following site: http://martielbeatty.com

When I create a new page, any new page, for this site the same information that is on my "Contact Us" page is appearing on all the other pages. If I edit say the "Testimonials" page I created (which show the same thing that is on the "Contact us" page it is reflected on both pages.

I've updated and that didn't do the trick.

The contact page is here: http://martielbeatty.com/contact-us/

The testimonials page is here: http://martielbeatty.com/testimonials/

I've granted support access for this site should you need to take another look.


PS: I have also tried creating pages from the WP dashboard as well as within the customize are of the theme and I'm getting the same result.