When did the Community become a help desk ticket system?

When did this community forum become a help desk ticket system? It seems that support people from wpmudev race to close tickets down as quickly as possible. While I assume it is intended to help manage threads and provide support, I often see low level canned support responses as a result.

Is this no longer a place to chat amongst others who actually pay for wordpress plugins and development?

I do not mean to start a spat, I just am curious if this is an official shift in policy. Been with WPMUDEV for a long long while on this account and a previous one (diff company). So I have seen it evolve into this, and wondering if it is intentional, or?

  • Tom Eagles
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    Hi there there has been no change in policy the only threads that get "closed" should be ones where we are waiting for feedback from the user after waiting for a week or more from the user themselves and where the support staff have either provided a solution or have seen a solution offered by a community member that they know works. The amount of tickets where a member either never gets back to us after a solution was offered or found it themselves runs into 1000's of tickets on the system.

    Any ticket which has been marked as resolved can be re opened by the user at anytime. Normally the process is as follows.

    1) Support staff responds to ticket
    2) No response to a ticket by the user after 1 week from the users last post we ping the member asking for a response
    3) Ticket is marked as resolved after that if no response from the user is obtained with a note that they can always reopen the ticket which automatically puts it both back in the open topic feed and that of the support person who responded to it initially.

    If we didn't implement some kind of system to help mange these inactive threads the system would become unmanageable. When you think that on average a staff member normally handles something like 100 tickets a day and we have 12 on the team you get to see the workload involved.

    If members got back to us even to say hey it works now, or thx that worked etc we wouldn't need to triage the forums at all. The current system isn't perfect but out of all the ways we have tried it's the most efficient.

    Hope this gives you a bit of insight, if you have any suggestions feel free to get back to us we are always open to suggestions from members.



  • in-mn
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    Well I see the why, but it seems to be implemented poorly. This is turning into an ask and one of the 12 staff replies. I am often seeing canned responses as well from low level support as a race to answer tickets. (not for mine, others). Questions to the community are ignored, as people treat this as a support desk. New staff handle tickets with low level responses, resulting in a continuance of the general theme.

    Tom you have been around a while. I am sure you have seen your paying customers chiming in and helping others as a community.

    Now I understand you get a lot of stupid questions, But now were starting to see stupid answers.

    (you - meaning the company, not you - you)

    Just something to mention. I am guessing I may have to move over to stack - but I got 2 years left on this subscription :wink:

  • Tom Eagles
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    Hey thanks for getting back to me this is the feedback we need to improve our service. Quite a few of us started here in the community before being asked to join the dev team itself me, tim, aecnu, PC, aristath for example and have seen it from both sides of the fence so can understand the frustration felt sometimes or the fact that some answers seem canned. You WILL be glad to know there are some pretty dramatic and extremely cool things planned in the immediate future and with the expansion of the team that's currently underway things should become more manageable.

    If you have specific threads etc for example shoot them over to us using the form below (usual contacts form) and we can take a look and see how we can change the way they are dealt with in the future. Its by getting feedback we can improve.

    As i mentioned above the new changes when implemented will bring on a pretty big change and add some exciting new features to the community side of things.

    If you have any other suggestions feel free to fire away and hopefully more people will join in this thread :slight_smile:



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