When following the steps to create my network, wordpress


When following the steps to create my network, wordpress gave me the message:

Warning: An existing WordPress network was detected.
Please complete the configuration steps. To create a new network, you will need to empty or remove the network database tables.

I entered a live support session here before and one of you guys told me to read this tutorial: http://www.poststat.us/completely-disable-multisite/. I did, especially the part about removeing databases (which is my issue) and I want to ask a question to which I'm pretty sure what the answer will be, but I'd rather confirm cause I really don't mess anything up; on that tutorial it is said to delete the database tables below:

What I see when I access my databases though is wp_a code_blogs (I'm not writing down the "code" here cause I don't know if it has something to do with security and such). The wp_a code_blogs is the same thing as the wp_blogs, right? These are the tables I have to delete, correct? One more thing: I'm not finding that last table mentioned in the list (wp_meta), is it normal, or can it be an issue?