When i activate the google maps plugin, my custimizer does

When i activate the google maps plugin, my custimizer does not work anymore.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hello there, DiekstraOrangeWaterhouse!

    So sorry to hear you're having trouble. Can you give us a few more details here so we can test what you're seeing?

    1. Which customizer are you using?
    2. When you say it does not work, what are you seeing when you try to use it?
    3. Can you please try turning off all other plugins except customizer and Google Maps, and see if the issue remains?

    Thanks for your answers here, and take care!

  • FocusWorks


    I turned off all the plugins, and if i activate only the google maps plugin, my customizer does not work, so this plugin must be the problem. I am using the X template Ethos. When i try to open the customizer, the page keeps loading. I just see a circle go round and round, but even after an hour it is not opening. When i deactivate google maps plugin, it opens immediately. So for now i just deacitvated the plugin and now the customizer works.


  • jamie

    Usually when a theme hangs like that there is a javascript conflict.

    It's a two way street when it comes to JS conflicts - the scripts are not playing nice together, but hard to say who's at fault. Robust themes with a lot of customization features can often conflict. For example, my theme customization works without a problem using the google maps plugin.

    Just some food for thought from another WPMUDEV member.


  • Jude


    For something like this the first thing I would look for is javascript errors. Easiest in chrome, right click and 'inspect element' opens a tab of the current html in bottom half of screen. Bottom right corner, if there are javascript errors there will be a red triangle with a count. Click on the count and it will show the lines in error.

    Can you post the exact errors you see on your console here ?