Autosaved Version Overrides the Actual Updated Version

I'm using WP 3.5 with the theme Customizr. It's a membership site using the Membership Plugin.

When I make changes on a page (such as color text formatting or text hyperlink) and go back to that updated page either in visual or text view, the changes I made basically disappear and I get an error message telling me that there is an autosaved version of this page.

The thing is that the autosaved version is actually older than the last updated changes so the formatting made in that last session are basically ignored and don't show up. It has for effect to erase the formatting, hyperlinks, etc. that were applied in the modification of the page.

Anyone ever had that occur. It's frustrating because I have to go back and do those changes over and over again since they keep disappearing and kind of undoing all the time.