When I backup with snapshot pro is the a way to name

When I backup with snapshot pro is the a way to name the zip file in my backup folder. As the name I give the the snapshot back in the wordpress dashboard does not carry over to the zip file.

If I name the snapshot back "Cars" in wordpress dashboard.
The zip file come out as

It hard to tell which backup is which in the upload folder.


  • Adam Czajczyk
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    Hey Hudson,

    I hope you're having a great day!

    Names for snapshots are created dynamically by the plugin. You may however alter it a bit (or make them easier to tell what is what) by overriding the destination's directory name.

    In your dashboard go to

    "Snapshots" -> "All Snapshots" page and edit selected snapshot (scroll down)

    There's a field named "Directory (optional)" which you may use to for example include a site's name or a custom string. Snapshots will be created inside this directory, so when looking at your destination location from outside the plugin's dashboard you'll be able to tell which directory is assigned to which site.

    I've added a screenshot for your convenience.


  • account32451
    • Flash Drive

    So you saving you can't name the zip folder, but you can control which folder the zip goes into?

    Folder eg - cars site folder, boat site folder ect

    So if my detination url is:

    Then it would be:

    Is this right?

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