When I share a course in facebook, how can I make to show

Hi. When I share a course in facebook, how can I make to show the name, description and picture of the course? For example, with this link: http://www.saeni.com.ar/online/cursos/curso-de-estetica-facial-y-nutricion-aplicada-a-la-estetica/

  • Michael Bissett
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    Hey @Esthetic, hope you're doing well this evening! :slight_smile:

    After looking into this further, while I'm seeing the image on the page (as that's the only image available to be grabbed), and the title's being pulled, there seems to be something up with the way the excerpt is fetched from the course when I try sharing it via Facebook. It's getting displayed like this:

    Curso Médico de Peeling Químico y Mecánico Instructor:stuck_out_tongue:rof. Dra. Andrea R. Miranda Course Dates: Sin fechas de comienzo-final Enrollment Dates: Inscribirse en cualquier momento Who can Enroll: Cualquiera Course Language: Español Price:$230,00 COMPARTIR Sobre el curso Este curso la formará en las dif…

    I'm seeing a similar pattern on my own site, this is what I get when I try to share a course via Facebook:

    Aenean auctor nec magna sed mattis Course Dates: Open-ended Enrollment Dates: Enroll Anytime Who can Enroll: Students are added by instructors. Course Language: English Price:FREE SHARE About the Course Fusce non consectetur magna. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada…

    I've noted this as a bug to the developer, as it shouldn't be showing the description like this.

    Kind Regards,

    P.S. As to why the image wasn't showing up earlier, it's possible Facebook hadn't grabbed it as of yet. You can force it to do that by using this tool:


    After submitting your URL to the debugger, you can ask it to re-scrape your site by clicking on the "Fetch new scrape information" button.

  • Rheinard
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    Hi @Esthetic,

    Facebook offers us the ability to use it's OpenGraph to alter what gets automatically pulled into Facebook posts. Other social networks have their own tools too.

    To avoid bloating CoursePress with different implementation for different social networks we will integrate with other plugins that allow us access to these tools.

    CoursePress Pro which will release soon will ship with integration for the Ultimate Facebook plugin which uses Facebook's OpenGraph. This will work nicely with the CoursePress theme (which I can see you are using), but support for other themes will need to wait for the next release of Ultimate Facebook.

    This will be the best way to get control over what gets sent to Facebook. Using CoursePress Pro with Ultimate Facebook will use the 'Course Excerpt' as the description in Facebook and the 'Listing Image' as the image in Facebook.

    Once ships and you activate Ultimate Facebook, you can follow this video to help you setup Ultimate Facebook with OpenGraph: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIe3SbZGcK4&list=PLV1BcivFAIdtOy-6iY4Da_9Ol1qV5xPj4

    No further action required in CoursePress after Ultimate Facebook is setup.


  • Ash
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    Hey @radforms

    Thanks for posting in this thread, however it might be best if you open your own, even if the issues seem closely related. That way it will remain independent of this one and ensure it doesn't confuse issues here if this thread needs reopening again by the author.

    It also means the member who started this thread or anyone following it isn't inundated with post notifications each time we respond to each other. A lengthy thread could annoy the original poster.

    This also allows us to better track and answer your questions to ensure we don't miss any for you.

    You can start a new thread here:



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