Blog & User Creator "issues"


Just an FYI.

When you save most pages, or settings on a page, in WordPress the page typically refreshes and places a notice at the top indicating the success or failure of the save.

Blog & User Creator doesn't do this on the Settings page.

Thank you for creating this plugin.



  • anotheropus

    And a further item about Blog & User Creator.

    1. I'm logged in as a super user.

    2. I'm in the Network Admin level--where I want to create subordinate blogs

    3. I installed the plugin.

    4. I set the settings as indicated above.

    5. When I follow the instructions page:

    ...and I hover over Users -- there is no Blog & User Creator sub menu item.

    Instructions from the page:

    To create new blogs

    1. Go to Users > Blog & User Creator

    2. Click on the Create Blogs tab

    It's not there.

    What did I miss?


    BTW I disabled ALL plugins except for this one, the WPMUDEV plugin, s2Member and a management plugin.

  • Sue

    Hi Chris

    Sorry you are having trouble.

    I'm wondering if you are looking for the Blog & User creator in the wrong admin dashboard?

    The Blog & User creator is designed to be used to create blogs and/or users from inside the admin dashboard (see attached screenshot) and not the network admin dashboard.

    You should be able to see Users > Blog & User Creator menu item in the dashboard of any site on your network but you won't see it under Users in the network admin.

    In the network admin you'll only see Settings > Blog & User creator which is how you control which users are able to access the Blog & User creator in their site admin dashboard. Yes - means all super admin users and admin users can use the Blog & User creator components, super admin option restricts it to your use only and No means no one, including a super admin, can use that component of the Blog & User.

    Hope this has helped and please let us know if you need further assistance.


    Sue Waters
    Edublogs Support Manager

  • anotheropus

    Hello Sue and thank you for the response and help! :slight_smile:

    So it seems that I can use the Blog & User Creator to add blogs to subsites but not to the network.

    Is that true?

    I have one main site (the top level of the network), and I want to add many second level subsites to that main site/network.

    I can understand some people would want to add more third level blogs under second level blogs.

    But I need to add several hundred second level blogs--so the Blog & User Creator ability would need to be at the top level.

    Do I misunderstand this?

    Thank you for your help. I always know things get lost in translation and I'm as guilty as anyone in the IDtenT and user.exe depts! :slight_smile:


    BTW If the Blog & User Creator plugin will allow third level blogs to be added to second level blogs then it doesn't seem like it would be too difficult for the developers to modify the code so that the plugin (or a second version of it) would be able to add second level blogs to the main network site.

  • Sue

    Hi Chris

    Always happy to help and it can take time to work out which one is the best solution for your needs.

    Blog & User creator and Batch Create both create blogs the same way as any other blog creation tool.

    They'll either be in the format of or depending on if you have set up your WordPress multisite as sub-domains or sub-directories.

    It isn't possible to set up blogs under blogs due to how URLs work on WordPress.

    The main differences are:

    1. Blog & User creator is designed as a tool that either you or your users can use from inside the dashboard of any blog.
    2. Blog & User creator is designed so that you can add two users to a blog while creating the blog. It was originally developed for Edublogs where most teachers want to be co-admin users on their student blogs. The Blog & User creator allowed them to add themselves as users to the student blog, assign the role they wanted the student to have and add the student to the class blog.
    3. Batch create is a bulk blog creation tool that is only able to be used in the network admin dashboard by a super admin. It is a more advanced blog creation tool.


    Sue Waters
    Edublogs Support Manager

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