When buying a membership level, the process feels really awkward

Hi there,

I have Membership Pro2 installed on my multisite and it's being set up on a client site, right now. However, I'm having trouble getting the sign-up process working as I'd like it to.

When I use the shortcode to buy a particular membership level, it initially directs me to the 'Register' page.

After registering, you get directed back to the 'register' page, again, which to me looks like a bit of a mistake. At that time, you then have to scroll down to use the 'Already have a user account' link and sign in to the site, at which point, you can choose the membership level you wish to buy.

All of this seems rather clunky and confusing. It also feels like a difficult process to take a prospective new member through and I'm worrying that I would lose prospective members during the process.

Is it possible to change the settings so that, after you register, you get re-directed straight to the page where you can purchase the membership you want?

I can't see anything that will allow me to do that but it would be really useful and feel so much more sensible.

Kindest regards,