When I used snapshot to migrate one multisite to another all sites link to main site

I created a snapshot of sitemerce and after restoring the sitemerce.com subdirectory multisite under brandmerce.com subdomain multisite all of my subsites created within sitemerce.com are all pointing to sitemerce.com main site when navigating from brandmerce.com or subdomains.

Example: restaurant.brandmerce.com goes to sitemerce.com

Example: vivamexicojc.com domain mapped from brandmerce goes to sitemerce.com ...and so on.

I really don't want to have to rebuild these sites please let me know if this is a database issue where I would need to find and replace instances of sitemerce.com with brandmerce.com, etc... Note: you have been granted support access to view my sites, please take a look for a good diagnostic of what went wrong. Thanks.