When I visit () your page says: "Sorry, we've had

When I visit () your page says:
"Sorry, we've had to suspend our affiliate program due to fraud :slight_frown: Any questions please contact us We'll be instituting a new program that rewards you in points (that can be traded for memberships) shortly!"

So I'm writing because I have a question: is this plugin broken such that people are going to commit fraud on my site if I install it?

What kind of fraud was happening? Is there a way to prevent it?


  • DavidM

    Hi there @Michael-Cyger,

    I hope you're well today! :slight_smile:

    Fortunately, the plugin itself isn't broken, it actually does exactly what it should be doing. The issue is that any affiliate program is subject to fraudulent activity, such as people using false information to attain signups or people using money that isn't really theirs to game the system, things of that nature.

    It happens to work out better here, to use more of a credit system that's in line with the Rep Points system, something fraudsters wouldn't be as interested in. Plus it'd save time from having to weed out fraud activity, leaving more time for development. Thus it works better to just alter the way it works here.

    For those interested in an affiliate program, there are ways to combat fraud, like banning known fraudulent IP's or emails, etc. There are numbers of services that can help with that too. It just works better for purposes here to alter the way the affiliate program works instead of constantly pursuing action against fraud.

    Does that make sense? If you still have concerns, I can run this by one of our tech gurus over here who I'm sure has some great resources. :slight_smile:


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