When limiting blog creation with membership, will access to the users site be suspended?

Also is it possible to setup a free trial with membership?

  • DavidM

    Hi @ronsmart,

    I hope you're well today! :slight_smile:

    Membership's Blog Creation rule would let you restrict blog creation through your main site on your network, but it doesn't provide a way to suspend site access afterward. It's really just for restricting the ability to create new blogs/sites.

    Really, Pro Sites would be the best option in such a case since it's more site-specific, whereas Membership is user-specific.

    Does that help? Let me know if you have questions on this still. :slight_smile:


  • ronsmart

    Hi David I hope all is well. I've been battling this issue for the last year in hopes there would be some updates for these issues.

    We need to restrict content as well as use prosites.

    I talked with @PC on another thread about a similar topic about user roles for prosites.

    This is a major hold back and from what I can see over the last year with you guys there has been many requests for the functionality.

    My ideal configuration is as follows:

    visitor comes to the site and signs up via prosites free trial.

    after user has signed up they are redirected to a welcome page which I have not been able to accomplish without hacking the site. Users are taken to the dashboard of their blog instead. We need the functionality to set a welcome page in prosites so we can help our users.

    After welcome page we will direct the user to the members area for further training.

    If they let their prosite laps or do not renew, we need to restrict access to the members area along with their prosite.

    Been banging my head against a wall with this for some time. The problem is there is so many updates we can't keep up with hacked code to get this functionality and stay up to date with everything in wordpress and your plugins.

    It's been a nightmare to accomplish this and WPMUDEV is the only plugins worth a damn when it comes to multisite. We are stuck and really need your help.

  • DavidM

    Hi @ronsmart,

    Thanks for your explanation, sorry for any frustration you're experiencing. That's certainly a complex scenario, especially given that Pro Sites doesn't integrate with Membership.

    Given your description here, it honestly seems easier to just use Pro Sites and use a bit of custom code to allow access to a distinct site on your network setup for your members-only purposes.

    By any chance, have you considered going that route?

    As for your welcome page, have you created a topic on that?


  • ronsmart

    I have for sure and can accomplish what I am talking about but it's a ton of hacking involved to get this right.

    My frustration comes from every time there is an update I have a lot of work to do to test and modify the new updates for some standard functionality that's needed.

    a custom welcome page and the ability to have prosites talk with an access level on membership would make sense for a lot of people using your plugins.

  • DavidM

    Hi @ronsmart,

    Sorry you're experiencing any frustration with that. Since Membership is designed for user-specific functionality and Pro Sites is designed for site-specific functionality, the two don't really mesh well.

    I was taking a good look at how this might be able to be simplified and can't see an easier way than to do some customization surrounding Pro Sites.

    I'm guessing you're already aware that Pro Sits provides a function to check if a user is a Pro level user:
    is_pro_user($user_id = false)

    I suspect you're also aware that it's merely a boolean check that lets you know if they're a Pro level user, it doesn't return the actual level the user has. Hopefully the reason for that is clear, a user can have multiple sites.

    Potentially, you could create a function that goes through a user's sites and checks their Pro level statuses, but that can get rather heavy on your database.

    Given your description though, since you didn't mention multiple levels of support, would that is_pro_user() method work for you?

    Potentially, you could simply use that check to grant access to your support site, no?


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