When registering a account with M2P and then clicking to pay with either Paypal . . .


When registering a account with M2P and then clicking to pay with either Paypal I have noticed it takes extraordinarily longer that other tasks. Also, I have gotten comments from visitors that they were not sure if it was working to get them registered while on teh phone with them while they are doing it. But have about 10-25 seconds (yea that long) or so it goes through every time. Same then when they go to click the Paypal button to checkout (although slightly faster).

They has been observed of many months and at least 10 visitors on the phone while walking them through it (so I know it happens to real people).

Other parts of the site are very fast and my hosting is fine.


#1 on these actions can you please allow for us to be able to have a friendly notice bar appear that we can customize assuring the customers/visitors that their account is being created and provisioned and to not click back or go away from the page (some larger companies do this I notice and also have some kind of modern icon moving). Something showing that stuff is being done for them and to encourage them to have patience while their account is being created/provisioned. Same thing with they click a Paypal or other button to finish the checkout (it take a little long but not as long as when they create the account/register (but still would be a good idea). FYI, I have noticed this in reatime with real customers so I know some have a problem and end up contacting us for help because they though it would not go through.

#2 Can you work on speeding up both of these processes in M2P and also MarketPress (as a matter of fact any plugin that requires them to register/create a account)?

I think it will pay back very well if we just show a modern/unique message and moving icon that is fun just to easy their mind that stuff is happening for them. Then, I think working on the speed of these actions overall will help even more . . .

Please let me know your thoughts (for M2P, MarketPress, and any other plugin you have the involves creating/registering and provisioning a account and then after anyone clicks to checkout with Paypal or any other gateway . . . i.e. a cool/fun notice or message and the overall speed of these actions)?


  • Sajid

    Hi @Greg

    Hop you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    Membership 2 registration flow is working perfectly fine on my own sandbox site. It takes only a few seconds normal time to navigate through all the pages of signup and checkout. May the allocated memory is not enough for the process. Please increase the memory via wp-config.php file by adding following code.

    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '128M');

    If its already 128 then try to increase it and lets see if that makes any difference.

    To speedup the process, I want to mention that Membership 2 does have internal cache system that cache membership 2 pages only, still compatible with cache plugins like W3 Total Cache. But yes, we do love to hear the feedback from our customers and always try to improve our plugins specially regarding performance and functionality.

    However, the moving icon or text to show progress to calm down end users/visitors is really a good idea. It would be a good addition so that's why I am moving it features and feedback forum. If enough member shows their support and interests in this request then it will be considered for development.

    Thanks for taking time and providing your feedback, sending some points for appreciation :slight_smile:

    Take care and have a nice day :slight_smile:

    Cheers, Sajid

  • Greg


    ***Also, I did another test and this time it took over 30 seconds FYI to create/register the account with M2P.

    Thanks for this!

    However, after looking at the wp-config, it is already at:

    define( 'SUNRISE', 'on' );
    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M');

    I know many times things work great in sandbox sites or otherwise vanilla installs. But, it is always nice to know a plugin will work great in dynamic/varied environments with all kinds of different setups in the real world. I know that it is hard to test out in all setups, but if everything can be done to make plugins as flexible, durable, and resilient even under a variety of setups that is always going to be a good thing to see. I also understand it is a moving target over time.

    Maybe something can be looked into to be sure there is not something more that could be done to allow it to work a bit faster. Has anyone else mentioned these things before you think?

    One issue I would point out is that most people may know even know or perceive the need because it is a little bit of a hidden thing that users may not even realize. Therefore, it may not get votes because of that. I hope that, at least, we could have the dev team look at it to see if anything can be done to speed it up under varied and real world setups. But, also, the message would help TONS as an interim or semi-satisfactory way which should be easy to implement on the dev team at least. If people know something is going on they are less likely to abandon the cart/registration or get frustrated and have to contact for help etc (a message upon registration/account creation and one for when they click the button to pay with Paypal or other gateways . . . to ease the mind and reduce a lot of problems real people have in today's non-patient tech world we live in).

    Thanks for the points!


  • Greg

    @Sajid See my other post from today above but I wanted to mention I do use Wordfence and WF Falcon caching. It is a multisite. What I notice with there caching (even though it is the simplest and actually best I have seen) . . . a major issue with them (I think) is that any time anyone on the network on any subsite saves a page the entire cache is cleared for the entire network (not just cleared for the page the person is working on and not even just the subsite the person is working on but the ENTIRE multisite WF Falcon cache is cleared).

    Obviously, with having someone just about always saving pages, the cache will seemingly be in a state of renewal or being emptied A LOT.

    Do you feel this is contributing to the issue?

    Also, what in you opinion is the best caching plugin out there? Is it W3, Super Cache, or others? I have used a lot of them but would like to know your opinion.

    I suppose I could try just turning off the Wordfence caching component (but leave the security component) and install W3 or others and only turn on parts of it that is needed.

    What do you think?

  • Sajid

    Hi @Greg

    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    Thanks for the explanation, we do test our plugins on a variety of different environment with different plugins and setup before release but this is simply not possible to test with each and every setup a user may use it on.

    For the feature request I do understand what you are saying and agree with that. We are doing improvements in UI and performance that you will be using soon. However, I am afraid, I am still unable to guarantee you that it will be added or not, if yes then when it will be release. But hopefully it will be soon, because we constantly working on the improvements of the plugins.

    Regarding the cache clearing on each page save, yes it could be issue with it. It should not clear all the cache even on entire network.

    It is hard to say which plugin is best, most plugin works best in certain cases. WP Super Cache and W3 Total cache are one of my favourites. I had some issues with W3 Total cache before with clearing cache in the past, I have to clear it manually via FTP. But other than that its a robust plugin to speedup the site.

    I saw an article using W3 with varnish on tutsplus, but could not get time to test it. If you could use than it can help you setup your site load blazing fast.

    Here is also answer which one is best and what is the difference between them.

    Beside these free options there is WP Rocket that does have premium features to make your website blazing fast. To be honest I have not used that before, but testimonials are really good and some of our members also using that too.

    Take care and have a nice day :slight_smile:

    Cheers, Sajid

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