When registering, folks are going to the wrong page now in Membership Pro 2

Hi there,

I just made wpmudev dashboard enabled. It is for http://bit.ly/1Lv4vav (you can test it with the free signup).

I was just made aware that when folks register on the site, then are going to the wrong page afterwards. They should go to a thank you page called /registration-complete/ but instead they are going to /memberships/ (a M2P page). Here is where they should go after registering with any method they choose to signup with and/or also after payment with Paypal or Stripe too: http://bit.ly/1ipqoAG

See attached. It is set to the right page there too.

I have already tried deactivating Peter's Login Redirect plugin and it does the same thing even without it on just FYI.

This was working perfectly before but evidently it started going to /memberships/ after the most recent M2Pro update from what I gather.

Could you take a look asap?