When Subscription Payment Failes on Paypal. Premium Membership Plugin


We are running the Membership plugin on our new site with 250+ members paying monthly since mid December, and we love it!

But we are not sure what happens in the case of “Subscription Payment Failed” notifications from Paypal.

A couple of three members seem to not have balance on they paypal/credit card so that they can pay the subscription for the second time.

We get emails from paypal with the subject: Subscription Payment Failed

And it reads:

“This is to notify you that John Smith’s subscription payment for Monthly Membership of marketers.dk/m/ has failed on wed. 16. jan. 2013.

We will try to put the payment through again on mon. 21. jan. 2013. “

Our question to you guys is: What happens next? These members still have full access to the site. How long will they have that and will they be shut down automatically or do we need to handle this proces manually every month? (We hope not :slight_smile: )

Would be nice if they just go a couple of chances and then were suspended automatically.

Also: is there a setting for this?